shape the
new web

👋 dip your toes into the most exciting industry of 21st century

But, the market is
down, isn’t it over?!

Last 10 years thought us that quiet cycle is the best time to build. VCs deployed over $30B globally into crypto in 2021. Total crypto market exceeded $3T in 2021.

We wok together.


Your vision is our canvas. Let's find your perfect customer and figure out their needs. Let's do this!


We design your product around your end customer. We iterate and find solutions based on user interviews and fast prototype testing.


We focus on major, scalable technologies. Bringing micro-service web2 experience to web3 infrastructure. Your app is written in React & Node. Contracts written in Solidity run on Ethereum blockchain. Looking for something else?

Launch & maintain

We are here for you. Attractive support packages & sharing best practices for go-to-market, scaling and maintenance

Our experience is building modern tech solutions. We are Flat6Labs alumni and we successfully raised capital for our inhouse startups. Let's build something great.

Rapid questions round

How do we start?

Pitch us your idea. Try to be short and to the point. You know your idea and your company best and we want to take the first meeting prepared for your specific case. We will get in contact shortly after and schedule an intro call.

How do I pay?

After figuring out your vision and the direction of the product we create an accurate estimation for the whole design and development process. The total cost is usually broken down into milestones and it is custom for every individual case.

How do we communicate?

Our whole process is trackable. You are not just ordering design&code, you are gaining a partner. We use modern tools (Slack, Trello ...) to communicate and stay on top of the project.

Shape is a launching a private token sale. Be a part of our studio and decide where the internet turns.
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